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Why You Should Have a First Look at Your Wedding

April 20, 2020

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I’ve said it many times before — weddings FLY by! Even as a wedding videographer, wedding days that are supposed to be around 8-10 hours seem to go by in just minutes. And because of that, some couples I’ve spoken to say that they barely saw each other on the wedding day. Between getting ready, pictures, receiving lines, more pictures, and having to greet all your guests — there’s not a lot of alone time for a couple to just enjoy the moment.

So how can you get some more time for just you and your fiance on the wedding day? Well I have two tips! First is — take some time after the ceremony for just you two. This is perfect for couples who don’t want to see each other before walking down the aisle. A tip I have to accomplish this is to talk with your wedding coordinator. They will be able to carve out a little time for just the two of you! This time can be spent in the bridal suite or in an area away from your guests and cocktail hour. You could have a bottle of champagne waiting or even have your coordinator or your attendant for the day grab you some drinks from the bar and some appetizers. Or — just have that time to really enjoy each other’s company.

Though, if you are wanting to see each other before the ceremony and spend some more time together — a first look is the right choice for you! A first look is an moment before the ceremony where a couple gets to see one another. A lot of times, first looks are accompanied by reading letters, exchanging gifts, or even reciting personal vows to one another.

Pros of Having a First Look

  • First looks are typically followed by pictures! A lot of couples opt for a first look so that they can get their pictures done before the ceremony and can enjoy the reception sooner. This is a great option also for couples getting married in the Winter where we start losing daylight around 4:00ish. You’ll be able to get your pictures done first and then be able to have your ceremony and reception with no worries!
  • It can calm your nerves. Being able to see your fiance before the ceremony can be great for calming you down if you’re nervous.
  • You will look your best for pictures and video. First looks are typically done right after everyone is ready. This means, your hair and makeup and your dress or outfit will look the best it will look all day.
  • You get to spend more time on your wedding day with your husband or wife to be!

Need to see what a first look could look like? Check out a little film we put together with some of our favorite first looks throughout the year!

We would love to talk to you about filming your big day! Reach out to us at tori@toridanielleweddings.com and let’s chat.

–XOXO, Tori

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