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Want Your Details and Getting Ready Footage to Look Bomb? Do This!

March 12, 2021

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When I arrive on a wedding day, one of the first things I do is get detail footage. Why? Because it usually takes the longest to do. Trying to find all of the details is the first step, then finding a good spot with good lighting, and then finally getting everything set up the way I like it. But while it does take a while to do, I know that these are things that are important to our couples. I know that the bride probably took hours scrolling through different templates for their perfect invitation suite. Or dropped a little extra money on her shoes because they went so well with her dress. Sometimes the jewelry or even a handkerchief is a family heirloom and has been in their family for generations. We know that these are important things and we want to capture them so our couples can look back on them for years to come!

Then, I move on to the getting ready footage! This part is always so fun to me and it’s when I really get to capture some of the best candid moments. And this applies to whole bridal party. We’ve gotten footage of the groom and his guys having to learn how to tie ties and the bride and her girls having a big dance party to dance away the nerves.

While the details and getting ready is such a small part of the wedding day, I also know that these moments are things our couples love to look back on. So! How do you make sure that your detail and getting ready footage/pictures look Pinterest worthy? Here are my tips!

Have Your Details Ready!

Make sure to have all of your details you’d like captured ready to go. This can include: your invitation suite, Save the Date, rings, ring box, perfume, any jewelry, veil, hair piece, shoes, garter. Having these all in one spot really helps out your videographer and photographer because it will give us so much more time to style your details and get the very best footage and pictures.

Get a Cute Hanger For Your Dress

And I don’t even mean a personalized hanger! Just something that is a little nicer than the plastic hanger it came with (I’d recommend a wooden hanger). Plus a lot of times, these hangers are little more sturdy with keeping your dress up.

Get Your Makeup and Hair Done by a Window

And turn off the overhead lights! If your hair and makeup artist does need the overhead light, we can always get footage and pictures of them applying touch ups afterwards. But the natural light coming from the windows is going to look so much better than the sometimes orange lighting coming from either a hotel or bridal suite.

Write Your Letter or Vows the Morning of the Wedding

This is optional of course, but I love capturing this moment! Whether it be a letter to your future spouse or even your vows, there is so much emotion and can really add so much to your wedding film.

Pop the Bubbly or Cheers with a Beer!

Nothing gets a party started more than popping the champagne or grabbing a beer and cheersing with your wedding party. This is always a great video/photo opportunity — but it’s also a great way to calm your nerves a little and start the celebration!

Have a Clean Getting Ready Space

I know as a bride myself, I’m definitely going to be nervous on my wedding day and one thing that helps that a little is just to have a clean and organized space. So make sure wherever you’re getting ready, that you have a designated area for trash (you’re going to accumulate a lot! Food trash, cans, bottles, even tags from dresses and accessories), that everyone is in charge of their things, and that you have a clear space for when you’re getting your dress/suit on. This also helps us as videographers because the less clutter, the better the shot.

Be Yourself!

I had to throw this one on here. Sure, acting cool, calm, and collected on one of the biggest days of your life while having cameras film you and take pictures sounds like daunting task, it’s always better to try and relax and just enjoy the moment. Crank up the music and laugh with your best friends and family — anything to really be present.

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XOXO, Tori

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