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Welcoming Baby Enzo | Birth and Fresh 48 Videography

April 9, 2018

Birth and Fresh 48


It’s our very first blog post! You guys, to be honest, I didn’t really know if I needed a blog. I mean, videography, it’s so much better to show that in it’s natural form, right? In video. Not really in a blog. But then I started doing my research and reading other videographer’s blogs. And for me, I found that not only were these blogs to show off the videographer’s films but to also show a little more of themselves to their readers. That’s my goal with this blog! I want to give you all, whoever you may be that is reading this, a glimpse into my life as a videographer. But not only that! I want this blog to also be a place where I can post about wedding planning, what gear I’m using, what are the best wedding trends of the year. There’s just so many ideas I have for this blog and I hope you all can join me on this fun, new journey here at Tori Danielle Weddings.


Welcoming Baby Enzo

So I know it’s a little odd to kick off a wedding videography blog with a birth video. But that’s honestly the best part of being a videographer, you’re always on the hunt for new things to film. I mean, yes, weddings is what I am so passionate about but, and this goes for every profession, you don’t want to burn yourself out. Which is why it is so important to create new content and challenge yourself!

Birth videography is on the rise and when Chedi, Enzo’s father, wanted me to film the arrival of his first child — I couldn’t say no! Chedi is a coworker of mine so we sort of worked out the details prior at work. Arrive a few hours after induction, get the footage, good to go! Though, babies, especially first babies don’t usually come as planned. Enzo’s mother Valeria was induced Sunday February 25th around 8:00 PM. Chedi and I texted and made the plan to have me arrive early the next morning. Well, I set my alarm for 4:30 AM and when I woke up, horrible bed head and all, there was no activity yet.

Some of you may not know this about me but I also work a full time job as a customer service representative. So that morning, after discussing coming in when she was further along, I went to work with coffee in hand. I sat my phone by me for updates and went about my day. Around 9:00 AM, I get a text that she’s 8 cm along. As the baby of my family and only getting my birth knowledge from A Baby Story on TLC, I had no idea how far along that was. I did a quick Google search — ahh, she’s far! I texted that I will be arriving at 11:00 AM during my lunch break. Thankfully the hospital was 5 minutes away.

11:00 came and I was told actually come at 12 because Valeria was going to get some rest. But as 11:30 rolled around, I get a text from Chedi’s cousin and my friend Carla. “She’s pushing!!” I jumped from desk. It’s happening! I felt like it was my baby. My heart was pounding, I was hoping I made it time, and I was going over mental checklists (did I even bring my camera?). I made it to the hospital and made it up to the delivery floor. As soon as I got there, I heard a scream. You know in the movies when the woman is screaming bloody murder as they were delivering their baby? I always thought that was exaggerated.


I made my way to the nurses station and they let me know I couldn’t go into the room — ugh, too late. But I did find both Chedi and Valeria’s family as I was waiting for the okay to go into the room. And in that moment, I realized why I love doing what I do. Chedi’s mother hugged me immediately when she found out I was filming. It was her first grandchild and she was just so happy. Seeing the joy on her face, I knew that this video meant so much to them and I was determined to make them something that they will love for years to come.

Enzo Juez Yockteng was born at 12:03 PM on February 26th, 2018

I entered the delivery room and was immediately welcomed by Chedi. “You made it just in time!” Enzo was honestly the cutest thing I ever seen. Now, I really don’t get baby fever, but seeing a little newborn with his little toes and fingers, I can see why people get it! I got to film a lot of Enzo’s firsts. His first bath. Being held by his mother and father for the first time. It was so special. My lunch break was way overdue and I headed out of the hospital. The following day I came back to get more footage of the family with Enzo. I got messages from both grandmas and then from Chedi and Valeria. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a videographer. And I really hope by doing this film, that I get to do more. Experiencing a child being born and already so loved by their family was just so beautiful.

To watch Enzo’s full film, click here.


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