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Wedding Tip Tuesday: The Top 5 BEST Picture Locations in St. Louis, Missouri

February 5, 2019

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Let me start by saying, Pinterest is evil. And I’m not saying that as a Pinterest hater. I LOVE the site. I love planning my non-existent wedding through it, pinning tons of recipes that I will never come close to making, and of course pinning work out tips that, well, uhhh, I haven’t exactly followed yet.


Pinterest is evil because it creates a super unrealistic expectation in our mind of what our weddings should look like. And then when they don’t happen the way we imagined, it’s disappointing. Trust me, I’ve seen numerous brides succumb to the Pinterest fate. It happens to the best of us. So when it comes to pictures and what you want for your pictures/video — STEP AWAY FROM PINTEREST!

Photographers and videographers can try their best to recreate something they’ve seen on Pinterest for you, but from experience, it’s never going to be 100% the same. And besides, why copy something for your day? It’s your wedding day, make it special! So instead of going to Pinterest for picture ideas, gather picture locations. Let your photographer and videographer do the rest! And if you live in the St. Louis, Missouri area — here are my top 5 BEST picture locations in St. Louis, Missouri.


1. Abandoned Church Near Washington University

Okay, an abandoned church? Sounds a little strange, right? Actually, it’s quite the opposite. After poking around on Google for a little bit, I found out that this was a church that caught on fire some time ago — leaving it in ruins. The town then had this eyesore in their neighborhood and instead of tearing it down — they revived it! They added support beams, rock on the ground, and take care of the wild ivy that grows on the walls. It creates such a beautiful scene for your pictures and film. Pro-tip: I would suggest going here later in the day — maybe around sunset? I’ve been here in the afternoon and it was crazy crowded but with a different wedding, when we went around 5, no one was around.

2. Rooftops!

Okay, so this one may depend on your venue. And really applies more to if you’re having a wedding in the city. I’ve really come to love filming on rooftops. And while they sound kind of strange, they make for beautiful footage. Especially at golden hour.

3. St. Louis Public Library

The St. Louis Public Library has probably been my most favorite, unique picture location. Just because you would never thing to go there! The building has these gorgeous stairs that lead up to the entrance, which always makes for a beautiful shot. Even the entrance to the library itself is beautiful with such gorgeous architecture and design. You can even go inside! Pro tip: You will need a permit to shoot here, so make sure your photographer or videographer obtains one beforehand.

4. Weldon Spring Disposal Site

Reading through this list, I swear I am sounding like a crazy person but — trust me I’m not! But what I’ve learned as a wedding videographer is that the best locations are places that make you think outside of the box. And the Weldon Spring Disposal Site is definitely one of them. Now, it may sound a little sketchy, but this disposal site is a nuclear waste site you can walk on! There is a lot of cool history behind this place, so I would definitely recommend checking out the museum if you have some free time. But what makes this place a great location are the angles! If you turn your camera just right, it can make you look like you’re totally not in Missouri anymore. Check out Molly and Josh’s film to see the beautiful location in action!

5. The Gateway Arch / Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

I mean, would it be a St. Louis location blog without the Arch? I included the Arch and Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park because it may be a little tricky to get all of the Arch in frame when taking pictures. Also, there may be a lot of people there depending on the time of year. When I filmed at the Arch, we actually posed our couple by the Old Cathedral, to make sure we didn’t get anyone else in the shot. What’s great now is that all of the construction is done and the new renovations of the grounds are so pretty! For Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park, you will not need to worry about people ruining your shot or getting the whole Arch in frame, because it’s technically across the river in East St. Louis. There is this amazing lookout point where you can get the entire downtown St. Louis skyline in frame. And it is beautiful!


–XOXO, Tori



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