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Wedding Tip Tuesday: Things to NOT Skimp On For Your Wedding Day

March 5, 2019

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Oh no — the “b” word. BUDGET!

When speaking to couples about their big days, a lot of the discuss their budget and how hard it was to stick to that number. A lot of times, to accommodate their budget, the couples decided to either eliminate certain things from their wedding or pay really low prices. Which, most of the times, ends up working well! I’ve seen some beautiful weddings that incorporated fake flowers, DIY photobooths, and homemade cakes. But, and I’ve seen it many times as a wedding videographer, sometimes skimping on something for your wedding day may not be the best decision.

So here are a few things that I would NOT skimp on for your wedding day.

1. DJ/Band

If you’re wanting to throw a great dance party for your guests, I definitely urge you to really do your research on a DJ (or band). A lot of the times your DJ will be your host for the evening, if you don’t already have your planner or coordinator in that role. They will announce you in, release tables for dinner (if there’s a buffet), and really get things going. Nothing is worse for your guests than having a little too much down time between food and dancing. And that will be on your DJ to get the ceremonial events going! My advice would be to try and see your DJ in action before booking. This could be at a bridal show, an open house with the DJ company, or a friend’s wedding.

2. Food

Kind of a no brainer, since food and drink take up a good chunk of your budget, but what I mean is not skimping on food or food service. This may be a personal opinion but having not only a dinner but food throughout the day is super important. What I mean by this is, have appetizers! That is if you’re having a cocktail hour where drinks are flowing. Typically you’re going to have a little break between your ceremony and reception. So make sure your guests have something to tide them over until dinner. Also, have food for your bridal party during the prep. I’ve been to some weddings where the girls and guys were drinking in the morning but there was no food to eat. Which meant a very hungry bridal party by the time pictures were getting ready to start. Brides — I would assign someone to be in charge of getting food for you and grooms, same for you.

As for food service, I would 100% recommend getting a catering company that provides staff. This could be just someone to change the dishes when food is getting low in the buffet, bartenders, and people to help break down tables. If not, you’re going to have to have someone do these things. Especially for breaking down and setting up.

3. Photographer

In today’s world, everyone can take really great pictures. Especially with our phones sometimes being better quality than some DSLRs out there. But, that doesn’t always mean that just anyone can photograph a wedding — or at least photograph it well. There’s a lot more to photography than a camera and posing and that’s where you’ll definitely want to do your research on who will be in charge of your memories on your big day. Make sure to check out their portfolio and reviews. How many weddings have they done? Sometimes photographers are really really great in family and lifestyle photos but may have only done a handful of weddings. So make sure to really get to know them, their style, and their history with weddings before pulling the trigger.

4. Videographer

You knew it was coming! But, the phrase “you get what you pay for” is definitely true when it comes to videography. Now, I’m not trying to say you need to spend a fortune on your videographer to get high quality but typically the larger price tag comes with more experience. There’s a lot that goes into pricing video. From the hours spent on the wedding day to post production and even before we get to the wedding day, that’s a factor. Plus equipment, insurance, taxes. There’s just so many factors. And an insured, experienced videographer will be charging a little more than someone who is new to the field. You also want a videographer who has wedding experience. Filming a wedding is way different than making a short film or music video or even a vlog for YouTube. There’s no retakes and you have to be able to keep up with the day. So make sure you’re doing your research because capturing all of the special moments of the day is so important and you want to be confident that your videographer can film these moments.


Want to discuss more about your wedding day?! I would love to talk to you all about it! Click here to send us a message.

–xoxo, Tori


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