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You’re Engaged! Now What?!

April 12, 2019



Ahh, the proposal. Probably one of my most favorite things to learn about my couples is how the question was popped. And, let me tell you, I’ve heard some absolutely amazing proposal stories! You know, those ones that make you a little teary-eyed and grinning ear to ear?

But then once the picture has been put on Instagram of the ring, the relationship status has been changed on Facebook, you’ve told all of your family and friends — now what?!

Take it All In

The biggest thing I would recommend–before starting to get the guest list started, before even thinking about the date–is to take everything in. Your life, probably for the next 12 months moving forward, is going to absorbed by wedding planning. Which really doesn’t give you a lot of time to just enjoy being engaged and enjoying this next part of your life.

So plan a date night. Enjoy each other! Take as many pictures of you and your new ring (and future spouse) as possible.

Celebrate with Friends

So I know that tradition says, when it comes to wedding parties, that if no one offers to throw a party (like a shower) then don’t have one for yourself. But, I think it is totally fine to throw yourself a little engagement party for you and your friends and family. And it doesn’t have to be big! Have something at your house with some pizza and beers — to just celebrate this new step in your life. Try to get all of the fun activities in before the stress of wedding planning starts. And, trust me, you’ll want to enjoy these moments.

Create Your Budget

Oh man — already having to crunch numbers? I would say to begin wedding planning, make sure you start by outlining a budget. Estimate how much you have to spend and then break it down by category. Though, you may also want to do a little research on what your local vendors charge. This will help set a realistic budget for what you’re wanting at your wedding. And definitely try to stick with your budget. While spending an extra $50 here and there may seem small — they can definitely add up over time.

Pick a Date/Pick a Venue

So the budget is set, next? It can seem overwhelming to start wedding planning because there are just so many details when it comes to wedding planning. Where do you begin?! Well, I would say the best first step (after relaxing, taking everything in, and enjoying each other’s company) is to pick your venue or date. Most people will say venue first, then date, since a lot of venues may not have your specific date available. In that case, you’ll want to also start thinking of your guest count. From there, you can narrow it down to venues that can hold the amount of people you want and are available around the time you want. Be sure to also look at costs. Some venues may include catering and alcohol in their fee — others may only provide the location. So I would recommend touring venues you like and asking questions. And no question is too silly to ask. As wedding vendors, we know this is probably your only wedding you’ve planned — so what may be a frequently asked question to us, we know it is brand new to you.



Most importantly though — just enjoy this time. Being engaged is a brand new step in life and it’s a fun one! So don’t let all the planning and stress get to you. Be in the moment and have fun! Because all of this planning will lead up to one day, it will fly by, and be over.

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