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You Can Still Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date!

May 2, 2020

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Since today is a Saturday and I should currently be filming our 4th wedding this year, I’m a little down about it. I started watching wedding TV shows, YouTube videos, even wedding TikToks just because I miss filming weddings so much. And because of everything I watched, I got to thinking! What if there was still a way for our couples and all couples who have had to postpone their weddings to celebrate their original wedding date?

While some couples choose a date because their venue has it open or just to pick a date in their favorite month, a lot of couples put a lot of thought and meaning into their wedding date. It may be the couple’s actual dating anniversary, or the anniversary of their parents or grandparents. It may be a fun date even, like 10/10/2020. No matter the case, a wedding date is special. You have been planning for probably a year at this point, with your particular date in mind. And I totally understand growing attached to it. So while, it’s hard to hear you can no longer get married on the date you chose, you can still honor the day! Here a few ways how you can still celebrate your original wedding date.

Have a Date Night

I know that since we are currently staying at home, every night feels like a date night, but for your original wedding date go all out! Grab takeout or have a great meal delivered in from one of your favorite restaurants — bonus points if it’s the restaurant that was going to cater your wedding. Actually sit at your dining room table too and light some candles (I know, I know — I haven’t ate at mine since the first night we moved it). Do something just a little different than the norm. And don’t forget the champagne, if that’s your thing, to toast to one another. While you’ve probably been making more meals at home, take this one night to give yourself a break and celebrate.

Have Some Cake!

A lot of great local bakeries are still open right now doing curbside pickup — so why not grab a small cake to celebrate your original wedding date? And if you want to be extra cute, try cutting the cake together. This is also great practice for your new wedding date!

Write or Read Your Vows

If your wedding was coming up quickly, more than likely you’ve wrote your vows already. Though if you haven’t, take this time to write your vows and try doing so with your partner there. This is a great time to bounce ideas off each other. If you’re planning on changing up your vows, another idea would be to read the ones you had already written to your spouse-to-be.

Get Dressed Up

When your original wedding date comes around, I know it may be hard to want to really do anything. It’s a sad time and it will probably come with lots of emotions. But, instead of vegging out on the couch, get dressed up! This can tie in with your date night as well. I know I haven’t worn anything other than sweatpants since staying at home, so how about putting on a dress you haven’t worn in while? While there’s nowhere to go, getting dressed up will put you in a better mood and may cheer you up — even if just a little bit.

Zoom Party with Your Friends and Family

So I don’t know about you, but I am missing my friends and family like crazy and I love getting to see them when we video chat. With Zoom or another video chat platform, celebrate your original date by having a party…virtually! Invite your closest family and friends and toast to your soon-to-be marriage. Pro-tip: Have your guests give toasts with some words of encouragement or have them say something about you two as a couple.

I would also recommend checking out the app House Party. There are fun games you can play, such as Heads Up, which really make video chatting a lot more fun.

–xoxo, Tori

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